ESA Mural

In May 1999 Wickham graduated from the MFA program at Yale University, USA.

  • ESA Mural 4m by 8m acrylic on plywood panels 1999
  • ESA Mural - detail
  • ESA Mural - detail

By July the same year she had completed and installed a large commissioned painting (11ft by 25ft aprox 4m by 9m) for the European Space Agency.

It was a commission with very specific requirements and Wickham says she found working to extremely tight guidelines incredibly invigorating.  The project involved painting a "portrait" of ESA's contribution to The International Space Station in its natural environment, 500 kilometers from the Earth's surface. The challenge for Wickham was to conjure up a convincing atmosphere, one which she had never seen or experienced herself and probably never would.

She worked in collaboration with a belgian interior designer, Rob van Opdorp, integrating the painting into its ultra modern surroundings filled with the latest computer technology. Lighting became a crucial issue as there was no outside light source. The painting had to appear as if light was coming out of it.

The painting now hangs in the reception area of the Erasmus User Center, Noordwyk, the Netherlands.

Wickham feels paintings possesses the potential to transform the environment which they inhabit. With color and drawing the structure of a space can be radically altered. Using color to create light and drawing to define scale new life can be channeled into an existing space, and paintings can become a feature of the landscape (inside or outside) not merely representations or decorations.