Avda Diagonal 423

decorative restoration for private home

  • salon 1, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • example of a sketch proposal, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • detail of set 2 painted glass doors, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • entrance hall, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • detail of tromp l'oeil tiles and morning glories for fireplace in antechamber, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • corner detail, salon 5, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003
  • detail, guest bathroom, Avda Diagonal 423, 2003

The modernista building from 1915 by Manuel Sayrach, is the only completed project by the architect, built for his family and where several members of the original family still live.  It is also home and studio to the famous fashion designer Pertagás (wedding dress of the Princess of Asturias) and the famous restaurant "La Dama".

In the spring of 2003 Wickham, as part of a team of 4 mural painters (Beatriz Uruela, Tessa Viñamata and Maris Sitjar), was commissioned to repaint the ceilings and walls of one of the enormous top floor apartments.  The client wanted original paintings based on designs from the period when the building was first erected.

The team researched art deco designs for tiles, wallpaper and ironmongery as well as looking at the work of artists such as Anglada-Camarasa, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Gustav Klimt.  Parts of the project were undertaken as tromp l’oeil representations, parts as straight forward decorative painting technique, and parts were treated as direct painting and invention.

Although the project required resources and skills somewhat different to Wickham's usual repertoire, the outcome was a great success.