a film by Pola Wickham and Elisabetta Lodoli for Parkinzone ONLUS


CONNECT/DISCONNECTa film by Pola Wickham and Elisabetta Lodolifor Parkinzone ONLUS/Original music composed and performed live by Daniele Furlati/Cinematography Francesca Amitrano and Elisabetta Lodoli/Sound Design Diego Schiavo -it.Sounds/Edited by Pola Wickham and Elisabetta Lodoli with Mario Marrone/CONNECT/DISCONNECT (Italia/2011) is an ostensibly silent experimental film made with only sounds and music, based on a painting project.  The project was conceived to help patients, with Parkinsons Disease, coordinate their hands, mind and eye. The project is inspired by the work of George Seurat and Chuck Close, in order to allow the patients to recognise the beauty of the marks and abstract forms they are able to make.

"CINETECA E ARTE FIERA", Bologna, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of January 2012/"Nuova Sacher", Rome, Saturday 24th of November 2012.